A Lifetime of Creating Continues Despite Parkinsons via Touch Drawing

by Irv Knowlen

On February 20th, 2009 Victoria Anderson and the Expressive Arts Gallery of Sarasota had a special opening of art that I’ve done since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s seven years ago. It was based on the premise that the need to create should and can continue throughout ones lifetime, even when one has Parkinson’s; thus the title An Art Continuum. It started on one wall and continued on to the next showing the progression of changes in style, techniques and mediums including the use of the computer as the disease progressed. It ended with the my Touch Drawings, along with a statement I made concerning my present exposure to the art of Touch Drawing and how it fits into my desire to continue to create.

I find in Touch Drawing an intuitive spontaneous way to release the images that dwell somewhere inside of me. They seem to flow through my finger tips and onto the paper, giving me information and feedback that I need to be alert to and respond to. It’s a visual dance I do between me and the paper that I find extremely pleasurable, tactile and addictive. It’s like going to church and singing right out loud. It gives me one more tool in fighting this thing called Parkinson’s.

You can see many more Touch Drawings that Irv has created and other artwork from his exhibition, on his member page in the Online Community. You can also join the TDParkinsonians group.