Winner of Iconic Product in the 2020 COVR Awards, SoulCards are classics among oracle decks. First published in 1995, they are now embraced by a new generation. Focusing on direct experience of the images, SoulCards assist you to tap your own inner wisdom. A selected card often evokes immediate insight. The guidebook offers ways to cultivate personal meaning through journal writing, storytelling, visualization, movement and dream incubation.

Enter a deeper relationship with yourself and the world through the universal language of the human face. The images in this deck were selected from 20 years drawing in the presence of ancient trees, mountains, standing stones, temples, cathedrals, and human wisdom carriers from many lineages. Think of them as allies, nature spirits, beloveds, or visitors from subtle realms. Gaze deeply and explore your relationship with these beings. 

These coloring journals bring depth and freedom of expression to coloring. The flowing forms of Deborah’s evocative images encourage a relaxed, collaborative approach. Reflective writing is encouraged on the journal side of the page.