Co-Creative Spirituality Conference at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland

Time lapse of Deborah creating a Touch Drawing

“Engaging with the subtle worlds isn’t simply to experience or explore the non-physical dimensions. The larger purpose is to engage the underlying wholeness that ties the physical and non-physical domains into a living, creative oneness.”  —David Spangler

At this turning point in history our planet is calling for greater love and cooperation between humans and its spiritual and energetic dimensions. In September 2018 the Findhorn Foundation and Lorian Association held a uniquely experiential gathering of human and non-human adventurers to explore these new possibilities. The intention was to help shape a future of creative partnership. See the conference pages for more information.

Scroll down to read about each session and see the drawings I created while listening. Click on images to enlarge. To order signed fine art prints in three sizes, take note of the image code and click on ORDER PRINT. Find out about more Interpretive Touch Drawing.    

Saturday Night: Opening and Context

Judy McAllister and Mary Inglis opened our time together with experiential practices. 

Drawing on seventy years of experience co-creating with the subtle dimensions of the earth, David explores the ways we think about the subtle worlds. The issue is not so much which description is correct; the malleable and fluid nature of the subtle dimensions can give rise to many ways of mapping its terrain. What is important is how well a particular paradigm enables us to go deeply into the co-creative and collaborative nature of the subtle realms.

David’s own experiences of partnering with subtle beings suggests the value and importance of an ecological paradigm, a way of understanding and relating to the unseen realms that Findhorn itself pioneered in the early days of its existence. Pursuing and using such a paradigm opens doors of possibility and relationship that otherwise may be closed to us. At a time when our world needs insights that promote connection and co-creativity, how we understand and relate to the subtle dimensions of the Earth is not just a matter of esoteric speculation. It is a key to how we can begin to bring wholeness out of chaos, healing out of brokenness, and creative hope out of despair.


Opening Panel Session

All our facilitators introduced the beings and energies they were to be helping us connect with during the rest of the conference, giving an overview of the ‘territories’.

The Sidhe

Sidhe (pronounced Shee) is the Celtic name for part of the Faerie Otherworlds. The name means the People of Peace, and a number of esoteric teachers and writers consider them the “cousins of humanity,” evolving in parallel alongside us but in the subtle realms. In this presentation Jeremy Berg will describe his relationship with the Sidhe and how as an artist, writer and workshop leader he came to work co-creatively with them.

Photo Soren Hauge

Our cousins, The Sidhe, are our closest relatives in the Gaian ecology. Their very name is Gaelic and means ‘People of the Mounds’ but it also means Peace and Wind. This is a beautiful clue to the gifts in our contact and friendly collaboration with the Sidhe. Connecting with them is an opportunity for us to rediscover our deep peace as well as the wild wind of our spirit. The deepest hope for the World lies in the forgotten Wildness at the very core of our nature. We have tamed ourselves into an almost zombielike rigidity that is predictable and destructive, endlessly repeating old patterns of dominance and exploitation. Reconnecting with our Sidhe relatives is a golden opportunity for them and us to start a new healing journey for Gaian wholeness. It is not without risk due to deeply rooted patterns within us as well as the Sidhe, but it is worth attempting as we both respond to the Clarion Call for compassionate planetary transformation.


Current Planetary Changes

Our planet’s physical, subtle and spiritual ecologies are changing. Humans are key influencers in all these realms, whether we are aware of it or not. We are now facing an opportunity to step into our wholeness as physical-subtle-spiritual beings – to become Gaian citizens. If we do, we open the door to countless new possibilities, and many unseen partners are coming forward at this time to help us.

Marko has been interacting with the dynamics of the Earth transmutation process for the last 20 years. In this session he explained how the Earth is changing and shows how different “fairy tale figures” like dragons or elemental beings enter the sphere of human consciousness, helping us detach from the dissolving 3D reality and tune in to the renewed multidimensional Earth.

The foundations of the Findhorn Community were built not just on sand and pebbles, they were build on a profoundly deep commitment and dedication to engaging with the Sacred. Through that engagement the community’s relationship with the unseen worlds emerged. Dorothy Maclean’s pioneering work with the devic and angelic domains, and R.Olgivie Crombie’s relationship with Pan and the spirits of nature gave rise to an extra-ordinary garden. The rest as they say is history! In that early garden, in the relationships that built that garden, lies a hope for today and tomorrow, a hope for a future relationship with nature crafted through love. And a hope for ways forward that can build a future we would wish the children seven generations from now.

Game of Transformation

GAME OF TRANSFORMATION with Judy McAllister & Mary Inglis
The conference included a large-scale and expanded version of the Transformation Game especially designed for this event. It provided an interactive forum for participants to explore ways of deepening and expanding co-creative relationships with the different dimensions and intelligences of our whole Gaian ecology. Working around a path on the floor, we could  together, individually and collectively, clarify visions and intentions, recognize and build on strengths, review and resolve challenges and integrate new directions.

Bringing it Home

Encountering the subtle worlds can be life-changing. Incorporating these changes into our way of thinking, being and doing requires work, however. Here we learn from pioneers who are forging ways to incorporate co-creative spirituality into a successful NGO and in other areas. 

In this session, Timothy and Vance reviewed real-life examples of conscious, co-creative, conservation activism that work through the programmes of a long-established, globally–focused environmental organisation. The exploration and evolution of this approach has occurred over ten years, and continues, involving diverse projects such as “boots-on-the-ground” wildlife protection in the middle of a war zone; policy formulation; international relations; and enhanced collaboration between diverse conservation groups and agencies.

Climate Change and Consciousness
plus Drawing in the Original Garden  

The first two drawings in this gallery were created during a Facebook Live session in which the upcoming Climate Change and Consciousness Conference was being introduced. The rest of the drawings in this gallery were created in the Original Garden. I had a quiet time there during silent day of the 5-day Touch Drawing programme I held after the conference.  


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  1. Jude Waller

    do you have a slower verso ion of you doing your painting or other short videos?
    My great niece 6 years old would like to see other versions while I am visiting them in Minn.

  2. Pamela Cox

    Thank you Deborah, for sharing what must have been an amazing gathering at Findhorn in Scotland. You have no idea what it was like for me opening my mail this morning in Melbourne Victoria to such beautiful images. I must say I was a little envious at all who witnessed and participated in this event. Blessings and thank you.

  3. Bridget Bell

    How extraordinary to get to see the images in the context of the conference sessions. Thank you for the clarity of the channel you create and for the beauty of what you transmit. Your efforts are much appreciated.

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