International Conference on Engaging the Other 2007


The Power of Compassion

October 25-28 2007 Dearborn, Michigan

Sponsored by Common Bond Institute

It was an honor to do Interpretive Touch Drawing at the second International Conference on Engaging the Other. If you attended the conference, you can use these images to bring back the feeling-tone of each presentation. Think of them as notes from the soul. Mukti Khanna Ph.D is creating a book of selected conference proceedings paired with images. We will post ordering information when it is complete.

You can order signed, archival prints in small, medium and large. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of prints and originals will be donated to Common Bond Institute. If you are interested in using any of these images in association with a project or organization, please contact us.

“Violence & Black Lace: Our Clandestine Love Affair With Violence” —Sam Keen, Ph.D

Live Virtual Addresses —Hazel Henderson and Pete Seeger

Keynote “The Illusion of the Other” —Michael Nagler, Ph.D

Trauma and Group Conflict: Victim/Aggressor Relations in Jewish-Palestinian Encounters, —Ahmad Hijazi, MA

Science, Peace, and Transformation —James O’Dea, Ph.D

Panel: The Psychology, Sociology, Culture, and Neurology of The Other Sam Keen, PhD, Gay Leah Barfield, Ph.D, Judith Thompson Ph.D, Moderated by James O’Dea, Ph.D

Challenging Dialogues: The Personal Journey of Crossing Boundaries, Building Bridges, and Cultivating A Personal Relationship with The OTHER. Brenda Naomi Rosenberg, Imad Hamad

“Waking Up to The Energy Of Fear in Our Relationship With The Other” Imam Mohamed Mardini, Marilyn Youngbird, NAHHP, Anna Rodina, Ph.D, Len Traubman Moderated by: Libby Traubman

Belonging: The Search for Our Other Half Sandra Friedman, MS, Steve Olweean, MA,  Mukti Khanna, Ph.D, Chip Baggett, MA

Spirituality and Contemporary Issues Imam Hasan Qazwini, Rabbi Brian Walt, Marilyn Youngbird, NAHHP, Reverend Kenneth Flowers, Geshe Gendun Gyatso, Moderated by Aftab Omer Ph.D

US Representative Dennis Kucinich