From Touch Drawing to SoulCards to Portals of Presence

This is a wonderful hour-long video conversation with Justine Serebrin. It was part of her Intuitive Artist Mastery Code Course. I felt free to roam into details of my process on many levels.

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  1. Thelma Y Chapman

    Thank you, so much, Mrs. Chapin. I just want to say how grateful i am for finding you and this video. I currently, have in my possession the ‘Soul Cards’. They have seen me through many chapters in my life over the past twenty years. Recently, I have picked up tarot as a way to become more intouch with and nurture my intuitive abilities. Over the years of housing the Soul Cards, I never used them as tarot, but because I have changed locations over the years . I realized the guide book grew legs and walked away. Due to two major tower moments in my life I have turned inwards, committed to doing what I hear the popular term “shadow work”. for my physical, mental, and emotional hygiene. Today I purchased Soul Cards with the guide book, one because I am touched by the art itself but also the energy that shines thru the works.. Also there was a notification link to follow you, which brought me here and this has been such a lovely found treasure. Learning about the amazing healing and therapeutic work you are sharing with the World is just so incredible. Becoming an artist was a latent talent to my surprise, I am very interested in your, “Touch Therapy”, program. I look forward to taking your workshop, in the near future. My apology for this long post. Feelin gratitude.

    1. Deborah Koff-Chapin

      Thank you Thelma. I am so glad SoulCards have served you over the years.
      Yes, Touch Drawing is a healing art form. I am now offering online workshops – it is so much more accessible to anyone anywhere to have a live workshop experience. Check the workshop schedule on the website.

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