Touch Drawing allows for multiple images to be created in a single session.  Each drawing translates a moment’s awareness into image. One after another, they serve as stepping stones, guiding me deeper into the process. When seen as a whole, the series reflects a transformation in consciousness. Sometimes I create a series dedicated to the healing and development of another person, or a larger planetary issue. I share a few of these here. 


Breast Cancer Healing Series

When a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, my way to support her during surgery was to draw. During her recovery the walls of her room were covered with the images.

“The drawings were an inner mirror that helped me stay in touch with my interior process when I had no energy or strength to do so on my own. In our medical system, there is such an overwhelmingly huge emphasis on outer process – test results, statistics, treatment options – it was exhausting. I felt traumatized with no resources for the inner work that I normally do for myself. The drawings surrounding me were a manifestation of my dreams and created a bridge between the inner and outer worlds.”

Breast Cancer Transformed 1  

These are two additional series of Touch Drawings done to support the healing process of a friend who had just undergone surgery for breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Transformed 2

Death Support Series

A beloved friend had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She used it as a catalyst for her awakening. After three years, she slipped into a coma. Remaining in her home, she was cared for by beloved friends through the process of dying. One afternoon, I set up my materials and drew in the sacred presence of her being. I cannot know if this communion with her spirit was helpful to her soul as she prepared to die, but I hope it was.

Her husband shared that “The resonant and sensitive presence bubbling through the drawings added a tender, healing dimension to the whole community. The vivid images of heart-and-soul-opening perspectives brought all who saw them into an awe-full place of receptivity. That’s a very community-coalescing gift of Art, and the more so for being a spontaneous, immediate process.” This is the pure and original role of art. It was a great blessing to serve in this way.

Palestinian Israeli Relations Series 

Though the immediacy of Touch Drawing, I am able to visually portray both the content and energetic qualities of a lecture, poetry reading, meeting or musical performance. As I listen, I translate the words of the presenter and the feeling they evoke into images. These images are often displayed for the audience to reflect upon. In some settings, they are sold as a benefit for charitable causes or reproduced along with conference proceedings. I have done this for over 800 different presentations.

This series was created during a talk by Yehezkel Landau on Israeli/Palestinian relations. It is in the ‘Healing and Support’ gallery because it is an example of how images can be used for healing on a collective level; they can acknowledge and transform challenges into new visions of possibility. The images can then be used to help actualize a potential reality. I embellished this particular series of drawings with color afterwards.