This gallery presents Touch Drawings created while immersed in the natural world. I love to go to the beach or forest with my drawing materials, where I focus on the interface between my psyche and the life forms around me. I may pick up on certain visual elements from the landscape, and combine them with impulses and images that arise from within. This is a wonderful way to be in communion with the natural world. Many of the images here have layers of color added afterwards, to enhance the pure Touch Drawing.


Bird Kiss

When I go for a walk in the forest or on a beach, I often bring my drawing materials. Inner and outer images merge to reflect the psyche as integral with the natural world. This series was created one afternoon on the beach and embellished with color afterwards.

Old Growth Forest and Beach

One beautiful summer day, I found a quiet spot in an old growth forest in the state park near my home and set up my drawing board. Later that day I hiked down to the beach and completed the series. I embellished the drawings with color afterwards.

Whale Beings

I live in Puget Sound, Washington. In the spring we often see migrating grey whales that come into Saratoga Passage to feed on the ghost shrimp. One morning when I was walking on the beach, there they were – and quite close to shore. I ran back up the hill to my home, grabbed my drawing materials and ran back down again. Luckily they were still there. I attuned to their presence and drew. It is intriguing to try to find form for non-human consciousness. I hope to do more of this kind of work in the future.