Touch Drawing Gathering Photos 2002

Images from the Sixth Annual Touch Drawing Gathering, August 2002

This year’s Touch Drawing Gathering continued to deepen and grow in joyousness. Twenty nine beautiful souls made their way to Whidbey Island from as far away as Chile. The weather was so beautiful that some chose to draw outside the whole time. On the night of the full moon, the large drawing board was in use out the moonlight all night long. When we walked the labyrinth, we had a few drawing boards in the center was generated in our time together. I hope these photos convey some of what cannot be described in words.

Sinking deeply into the self through Touch Drawing

Labyrinth walking and Touch Drawing with magical music by Talia Marcus and Bob Effertz

Images emerge and fill the walls; We joyously enhance our drawings with color.

Sharing and celebrating our Creativity