Inner Portrait for Death Support

by Deborah Koff-Chapin

A beloved friend had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She used it as a catalyst for her awakening. After three years, she slipped into a coma. Remaining in her home, she was cared for by beloved friends through the process of dieing. One afternoon, I set up my materials and drew in the sacred presence of her being. I cannot know if this communion with her spirit was helpful to her soul as she prepared to die, but I hope it was.

Her husband shared that “The resonant and sensitive presence bubbling through the drawings added a tender, healing dimension to the whole community. The vivid images of heart-and-soul-opening perspectives brought all who saw them into an awe-full place of receptivity. That’s a very community-coalescing gift of Art, and the more so for being a spontaneous, immediate process.” This is the pure and original role of art. It was a great blessing to serve in this way.