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May 16 Song Bath… No words; Keeping it simple.

The Mother’s Day Song bath has a special nurturing quality. I am sorry to say the stream crashed after 13 minutes. This shorter video is still worth listening to. Sorry it ends abruptly.

Easter Sunday Song Bath 


Spring is just emerging. I photographed these crocuses in our garden the day before this March 14 Song Bath Sanctuary. 

Below is a recording of the March 7 Song Bath. We had a tech problem so started a bit late, then restarted the stream a few minutes in. But the music and the spirit flowed once we began.

March 7 live Song Bath Sanctuary

Below is the February 28 Song Bath Sanctuary


This the first live Song Bath Sanctuary on the winter solstice,  December 21, 2020. It was so stressful until the moment of going live, but somehow I let go of all that and the music took over. I had a better tech and visual set up after this, but the first livestream was powerful. 

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  1. Hidemi Shimura

    Thank you for your very inspiring and healing sound I thirst for.
    I have once participated in your touch drawing workshop in Japan.
    That was very exiting experience too so much.

    1. Deborah Koff-Chapin

      Wonderful to hear from you. Where did you experience the Touch Drawing workshop? I have been in Kobe, Tokyo, Sendai and Ishinomaki. I am so glad you feel nourished by the music. it is my greatest love to offer it. blessings, Deborah

    2. Deborah Koff-Chapin

      Dear Hidemi Shumura San,
      Are you the Hide who is friends with Bob Stilger, and organized the Touch Drawing workshops in Ishinomaki?

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