Touch Drawing at Science and Nonduality Conference Oct 21-25, 2020

Dying and Living

Our world is going through challenges, upheaval and confusion. Some see this moment as an evolutionary threshold. Death feels closer. False beliefs, obsolete structures, and ideas of separateness are falling away. This crisis has forced us to perceive life on a planetary scale. Perhaps we have entered a bardo-like collective state in which everything is shown to us more clearly as it is, which brings up tremendous pain and grief that we are called to meet. Find out about the conference.

“A new world will be born in blood and pain, just as we are.”
— Joanna Macy

Please gaze at these images, and see what words and feelings they evoke. You are welcome to repost any image along with your own reflections. All images are available as signed fine art prints in three sizes. Contact Deborah if you are interested in purchasing an original. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Rooftop for Dignity project. Find out more about Deborah’s work with Interpretive Touch Drawing

Day 1  – October 21

Calling in the Directions Ritual by Brenda Salgado, Meditation by Elizabeth Debold

Finding an Ally in Death – A talk by Joanna Macy PhD – Activist, Author, Scholar of Buddhism & Deep Ecology

Death is Always Unprecedented: When Our Notions of Death Need to Die  – A talk by Bavo Akomolafe – PhD Author & Speaker


Day 2 – October 22

Die Wise While there is Still Such a Thing as Wisdom – A talk by Stephen Jenkinson  – Culture Activist, Teacher, Author

Finding Life Through Death – Alua Arthur JD – Minister and Death Doula 


Day 3 – October 23

Dying Into Life – A talk by Frank Ostaseski – Buddhist Teacher, Pioneer in End of Life Care

Trusting Our Own Voices – How Science & Spirituality Influence Our Approach to Life & Death in Times of COVID – A talk by Dawn Gross MD, PhD, Ladybird Morgan RN, MSW and Oren Slozberg, CEO of Dyalogues, Inc, Educator, Humane Prison Hospice Project & Executive Director of Commonweal
Death to Life and Life to Death – A talk by Charles Eisenstein – Writer & Speaker


Day 4 – October 24

Our Unborn, Undying Nature – A talk by Rupert Spira – Nondual teacher 

The Atman – The Secret of Living and Dying – Swami Sarvapriyannannda – Resident Swami – Vedanta Society of New York 

The Mystery of Life, Death and Rebirth – Michael Meade – Author, Mythologist, Storyteller 


Day 5 – October 25

Psilocybin Mushrooms are Medicinal – Paul Stamets – Mycologist, Medical Researcher, Speaker & Author

Indigenous Languages and Encoded Quatum Physics – Tiokasin Ghosthorse – Speaker on Peace and Indigenous Wisdom 

Breathing into the Conntractions – Rabbi Tirzah Firestone PhD – Author, Speaker, Jungian Psychotherapist 

Closing Ceremony 

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