Touch Drawing in the Dominican Republic

Aleah Chapin with Deborah Koff-Chapin  

This summer, my daughter Aleah took a journey to the Dominican Republic to volunteer for Sister Island Project. An artist in her own right, it was requested that she bring art materials to share with the children in the village. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pack up some Touch Drawing materials along with the usual crayons and craypas. When Aleah returned and told me about her experience, I sensed that she felt the magic of introducing Touch Drawing – the joy that lights up in people as they draw – giving her a better sense of why her mom has been shlepping materials around the world all these years!

From Aleah:
“These pictures were from a workshop that I participated in that was about bringing art into the curriculum. They brought teachers from the surrounding villages for a day at the Learning Center in Cruz Verde. The teachers asked how they can get Touch Drawing materials for their students. If you would like to make a donation toward materials, please contact the Center for Touch Drawing.”

These pictures were from a small workshop that I did with the kids from Cruz Verde.